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Getting Your Roof Ready For Winter

By John Doe
Published in Flat Roof
February 20, 2021
5 min read

Dont Forget About Your Roof In The Summer.

Summer is an obvious time of year where it is too hot to be doing much roof work so we at spsl recommend getting your roof seen to before the rainy weather, or as the temperatures are a lot cooler. So instead of trying to skimp and cut costs by not getting your roof seen to, get it done now when there is nice weather and no leaks! If you do have any leaks then contact us as soon as possible and we will help you find out where the leak or damage is (using our drones), and provide you with free insurance quotes so that you can see what your options are.now if you own a business or have your own home it is most important that you make sure your roof is in top order. You might drop in on the professionals to make sure they are keeping an eye on things for you and if there are any issues to be aware of. If you run a school, farm or day care center; proper maintenance is even more important as these establishments have many moving parts and safety may be compromised due to poor conditions.

For homeowners, this would be a good time to check your insurance coverage as well.it is important to keep the roof maintained all year round but in the summertime it is sometimes easy to forget about it. It is just too nice of a day outside and you would rather be on vacation or out at the beach than inside looking at your roof. However, it is important to remember that faults can be caused by several factors such as wind, storms, tree branches, snow and ice build up, etc. Also, humidity levels can affect damage done to a roof which people aren’t aware of.having a hard time trying to remember about your roof? It’s hard to overlook the damage that water can cause in your home, work place or commercial property.

A roof is an important part of your building if you use it as storage, a nursery school, as office space or as a warehouse. So when you are having any roofing work done at your property please remember to ask the contractor what guarantee they will offer on any repair works they do.in the summer, we tend to see an increase in the number of call-outs and emergency roof repairs we undertake. I am sure you are aware of the fact that traditionally (in uk at least) more roofs are repaired in the winter than any other time of the year. Lots of people are currently looking at their roofs and seeing damage that has undoubtedly been there for weeks/months now due to a lack of knowledge or awareness.this is a bad time. Two reasons: one, the roofing repair cost is going to be more as there’s more damage or leaks that need fixing. Two, rain and bad weather season is upon us, so for those homeowners in need of roof repairs you don’t want to wait until then.

Checking Your Roof.

It’s easy to spot a roofer that has good experience. He or she may be able to spot potential problems in the make up of your roof and advise you on how to maintain it, but more importantly they can spot common faults associated with older homes (e.g. 1860s) which need repairing immediately to stop water penetration before it gets out of control  and causes even more damage. Renovating your old house with its original features intact is fashionable these days, and most people are drawn towards this type of property because it comes with an abundance of character. However, if the roof is poorly maintained or just hasn’t been checked for a while then you could be looking at a world of problems on the horizon, but you may. If you want to get into roofing, the best roofing job is when no-one knows it has changed.

Our job is to blend in being invisible, that all works well as long as what we fix did not leak, if it did leak don’t be too embarrassed! The owner will know who the contractor was but may not know the work has been completed. We specialize in small repairs such as fixing tiles or re-levelling a chimney pot. That very same chimney pot can be used many times and so does become quite fragile. If a tile falls out of course it could cause a little damage, but don’t worry we are here to help.a lot of people are guilty of not checking their roofs. They look up and see these aging slippery slates, with decaying mortar and a few loose and damaged tiles, but no one has noticed the other roof problems or they’ve just chalked them up to overall aging or wear and tear.

It seems like a small issue, but when it rains those drains have to carry off all that water! Those forgotten issues on the rooftops can cause some inevitable structural problems.considering that most home buyers never check the roof / guttering / outside of their new home, (and have in the past had a lot of problems when they moved in), it is surprising how many homeowners know more about roofing than these people who choose to buy a house to live in. Therefore we advise our clients to regularly go up on their roofs and check the condition, combined with an exterior building survey which is a bit more detailed.several roofing contractors have recently been in touch to say that they have started a campaign to encourage all homeowners to check their roof, and look out for any signs of water penetration, or broken tiles. They also said it was vital to be aware of severe weather such as hailstorms, heavy rain and strong winds, as they can cause a lot of damage.the same should apply to your home seo. Having regular ‘roof’ checks of your website and search engine rankings for key terms is the best place to start. If you notice any slipped tiles – this is the signs of deterioration, no matter how small, these need correcting before they become visible and costly leaking issues for your home online business.

What About Flat Roofs?

I came across this question the other day on a property inspection, it was quite a sobering one to answer as most flat roofs i have seen tend to be in a very poor state of repair.

Flat roofs are traditionally built using felt paper, bitumen or tar/asphalt and gravel. These roofs tend to leak if they are not constructed properly or become damaged due to age.

Flint shingle tiles, which were used on older roofs can also become loose due to movement at the joints and deteriorate over time causing problems with the roof surface.they are often a lot flatter than pitched roofs so any ponding water will be seen immediately. In my experience i would not say they are a major problem but if your property is in the north then you may get some more problems with frozen snow / ice damming up underneath, again a local roofer is the best person to call for advice on this.

Neil, what about flat roofs? They need this kind of treatment as well i hope.

My roof is flat and it has leaks due to bad materials used. As much as i wish i could do some repairs on it, i myself don’t have the expertise nor the man power to do some roofing like other people.


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