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How To Cut Roof Slates

By John Doe
Published in Metal Roof
February 25, 2021
2 min read

Cutting Slates With A Slaters Axe

Professional tools: it sounds like a cliche but it’s true. Whereas with a jack or pot-hook, i’ve struggled to get out even a small slate, all i needed to do was swing one of the axes at it and, piff!

After working for several hours in the rain on ladders and coping saws i’m pleased to say that i’ve removed so many slates today.they say an image is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you just need a thousand words to describe the image. And that’s why i’ve created this post.

It’s been a few years since i started using a slaters axe for cutting roofing slate and i never realised how much easier it makes the job.slate tiles come in a variety of thicknesses. That means you’ll need to use different tools to cut them. Use the right tool for the job and you’ll have an easier time of it.

You will probably also have a better finish too. So lets look at some of the options available…slaters axes are used for cutting slates for roofing.

The type of axe you use depends on the thickness of your slate. Remember, if the slate is thick then ensure you’re using a sturdy axe with a wide blade.if you are intending to use a metal slate in your bathroom consider getting the slate cut by the quarry. If it is thicker than a metre then it is really worth paying extra for professional cutting.

Cutting With A Turbo Shear

The traditional hand-held slate shears (hand-held saw and blade) are cumbersome to hold and tiresome to use. The spring or gravity action of the slating drive helps make cutting work easier for you, as well as gives you a faster cutting time. Compared to other motors on the market, turbo hand tools is more affordable and offers better control over how quickly you are cutting, thus making it easier to finish your job. The cut does not have to be perfectly smooth because a chisel can be used to clean the edges afterwards.one of the professional tools designed to enhance your efficiency as an installer or cutter is the turbo-shear cutting aid.

Manufactured by maxi-cut, the turbo shear is a well-designed, compact, easy to use add-on device to any present day, up-to date installation kit. Unlike other slate cutting tools, it does not require a mains supply for power, nor do you need to purchase expensive blades that need to be replaced from time to time.professional slate cutters will tell you that the side cutters tend to be one of the most widely used tools in their arsenal. They are often used for cutting very large sheets as well as shapes and angles. This is a specialized tool, but it is also something that you can find a variety of alternatives for – from other hand tools to saws and even lasers.cutting with a turbo shear.

If you are looking to invest in a professional slate cutting tool, the turboshears are a great investment. An attachable cutting drive that fits most drills, this tool allows for cutting both natural and artificial slate with power assistance.a turbo shear makes cutting slate with a circular saw a breeze. This tool is ideal for both professional installers and do-it-yourself homeowners. With the proper turbo shear, you can easily cut out your countertop and hearth.


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