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Inspecting Your Flat Roof

By John Doe
Published in Flat Roof
April 26, 2021
5 min read

Inspecting Your Flat Roof Before The Seasons Change Can Be Most Beneficial, Particularly Before Winter And Summer As We Can Experience Extreme Cold And Heat That Can Take Its Toll On The Materials.

The flat roof is an asset if kept in good condition; however, due to the extreme winter weather and summer’s heat, the flat roofs tend to be damaged over time. Inspecting your flat roof before the seasons change can be most beneficial, particularly before winter and summer as we can experience extreme cold and heat that can take its toll on the materials.each flat roof is a fairly simple extension of the building it’s covering.

It’s usually constructed with harsh materials (asphalt, concrete and ceramic tiles) that aren’t tolerant to weather changes. Therefore, the most substantial part of roof damage is caused by water leakage.

Inspecting the roof before the approaching bad weather becomes essential.before the cold weather arrives, you should inspect your flat roof at least annually. During that checkup you should look for leaked spots and to see if any of the underlayment has begun to deteriorate.

Inspecting your flat roof helps prevent water damage. This can be crucial when the wind and snow is piling up against your home.inspecting your flat roof before the seasons change can be most beneficial, particularly before winter and summer as we can experience extreme cold and heat that can take its toll on the materials.

With having a flat roof it is important to choose roofers that are well trained in this type of roofing.it is always recommended to have your roof inspected on a yearly basis. While the material used on roofing is durable, but it’s still not immune to heat, cold and rain during the winter and summer months.

Indoor Inspection

The first thing to do is checked the ceiling especially if your own home. There are many common problems that can be found in the ceiling of a house.

These could be signs of leaking water; broken pipes, deteriorated insulation and electrical wiring. Leaks can be found through an inspection or by listening for water running through your ceilings, walls or floors.

Use your ear to listen for sounds like dripping from a leaky faucet or toilet in the near vicinity.if you have found some water staining signs when you inspect the interior of the property, you should check for water damage and have the roof inspected. You can get a great idea of the condition of the property by simply checking on the roof with a ladder.

The inspection doesn’t need to be in-depth, just enough to ensure there are no recent leaks or signs that one could occur in the future.if the basement is finished, look at the walls, floor and ceiling to see if there are any signs of water damage. If there are, you will want to get them fixed before you move in.

You may want to hire a professional inspector like active carbon services. This way, you know that you’re prepared for any problems like mold.

Exterior Inspection

There are various things that you can inspect to ensure your roof is still in a structurally sound condition. You should inspect any visible caulking around your roof’s edge. This will allow you to check for cracks, breaks or other damage.

The caulk will also protect your home from any moisture penetration, which can cause serious problems. If you notice any missing or peeling paint from the inside of your house, investigate further for signs of water damage. At ground level, look for peeling paint on the walls or other structures of your house.

This can be an indication that there are issues with your roof rafters and trusses.the first step in the roof leak repair process is to inspect your roof. You can do this from the rooftop if you have a ladder. There should be no water spots on the surface of your shingles which indicates that your roof is not leaking. Additionally, there should be no cracks in the shingles themselves or in the plywood beneath them.

Also check for any splits or holes in your roof vents, dormers, and downspouts. These will show signs of leaks as well.a walk around the outside of your home or apartment with a flashlight is really all it takes to do this inspection. The first thing to look at is the roofing material itself, either wood shake shingle or asphalt shingle.

This is usually covered in moss and other organic growth, so you have to thoroughly clean it off to get a good look. If you are having an issue just cleaning the roof, the cause may not be in the roof after all.if you notice that there are tiles missing from your roof, that’s not a sign of serious damage. Large areas of missing or broken tiles can indicate that your roof is nearing the end of its life and you should be thinking about what the best replacement options are. What’s left of your roof can still serve as protection by limiting the amount of rainwater gets through.

Inspecting Your Flat Roof We Can Help You

The unfortunate truth is that there really are no guarantees when it comes to your flat roof. While you can invest in a quality and properly installed system, shoddy workmanship from other engineers or tradesmen can leave exterior waterproofing systems compromised and vulnerable over time. In fact, a pretty hefty percentage of the call-outs all seasons industrial roofing attends relate to flat roofs. How do we know this? Simple - because every single bit of damage we see on flat roofs has begun at the fibreglass membrane or steel deck; at the first point of structural weakness.

When water seeps past these points, further issues can arise from there on out. Unfortunately, it’s too late by then. We often see bolts failing within joints in. We have a primary team of five roofers operating on all types of flat roof and we also have a team that can provide your industrial building with secondary roofing repair. We will carry out the most appropriate repair for you depending on the damage found and your specific needs.

The underlying sheeting can be inspected by closely examining the perimeter using binoculars, a torch or even just a n eye. Leaks will usually lead to obvious signs indicating their presence. The most common signs of leaks along the perimeter are:. We are a specialist flat roofing company operating across london & the midlands. Established in 2009, we have helped over 10,000 private homeowners with their roofing needs.

Our main service consists of repairing and maintaining flat roofs, which is our expertise. We also cover new roof installations and replacement roofs.there are a few signs to look out for to determine if your flat roof is in need of attention. If you see that flat roofs have been leaking, the chances are they will continue to leak until they are repaired. Therefore, it may be beneficial to call in highly experienced flat roof contractors.do you have a flat roof? Having previously covered traditional pitched roofs in roof repair we now cover flat roofs. Roof repairs with flat roofs tend to be a little more straight forward and not require the same degree of preparation that pitched roofs do.


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