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Our Cupa H12 Roof Slates Tiles Are Guaranteed To Keep The Villagers Dry

By John Doe
Published in Domestic Roof
April 20, 2021
2 min read
Our Cupa H12 Roof Slates Tiles Are Guaranteed To Keep The Villagers Dry

Its Important To Remember, Though, That Not All Slates Are The Same

I didn’t realize how much i had come to rely on my cupa membership until it was gone. I recently moved to another home because of my job, and didn’t realize that only about half the shingles produced for canadians are sold in canada.

Most aren’t even made here — whether they are from australia or a country like brazil, our market is flooded with cheaper slate material than we could buy locally.this year has been a big one for quality roofing supplies. Not only have we seen slate prices at their lowest, but also the introduction of a new material into the uk marketplace.

The material is known as corten steel and can come in five different colours; red, brown, green, blue and gold.roof slate is one of the most important elements of a roofing system. Its the only part of the system that is visible from ground level, which is why choosing an effective slate can be so difficult.

Shaped Slates Provide The Distinctive Details

Natural roof slates are used extensively in the uk; a recent survey by msc found that 75% of all new roof construction now uses natural slates. This is very much inspired by the growing popularity of natural stone paving and cladding, which has developed over the past few years. It’s no shock then that as the desire to use natural building products in our lives grows with time, so does our passion for using them on our homes and out buildings, including agricultural buildings and farm buildings.

In addition to being low impact, natural roof slates can provide you with low maintenance building solutions. The durability is further assured by being sourced from quarries where slate has been quarried for generations.thought for the day: this is a big roof; it looks as though there has been a rebuilding project, but the old chimney stacks remain. The slate used up to this point was the same that i had found in my recent investigations of thakenham’s cottages. Now they have gone over to shaped slate pieces for the stepped gables and finials.

Specialising in slate roofing robert and susan provide all kinds of services for their clients, and here we can see they have used rectangular and square blocks for the roof of the thakenham village hall. Rounded corners and deep steps give an interesting layout to the roof design, with a courtyard space designed into it.have you ever wondered what goes into creating a natural roof slate?

I recently visited cupa’s manufacturing facilities in spain and can tell you that it takes much more than the simple selection of a particular shape and size of slate. There are many intricacies involved in creating a spanish roof slate, per the specifications required by architects around the world. In this blog post, i’ll try to highlight some of them.there is no doubt that the stunning project completed at thakenham village hall has helped me put together this blog post. Behind all the photos and information is a truly inspiring tale of how 2 men, dedicated to their craft, have been able to do more with their historic building, by reinterpreting its features.


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