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Understanding Insulation

By John Doe
Published in Construction
February 27, 2021
3 min read
Understanding Insulation

Insulation Rolls

An insulation roll can provide most of the insulation your project will need for an awesome energy g ues timates. You can also add low energy wall plugs to your insulation roll. A few advantages of using a moisture resistant makes it excellent for forming around pipes, or wherever you’d need a moisture resistant surface.

There are two kinds of rolls available: 1 inch and 2 inch. Both are ideal options if you’re looking for a natural insulation option that is super efficient; but the 2 inch option is slightly more cost-effective when factoring in the r value (the measurement that indicates the ability of a material to resist thermal conductivity).a traditional cottage insulation manufactured from natural materials, insulation rolls are available in an array of products. Therefore, depending on requirements and budget restrictions, your insulation specification can be tailored to match your exact needs and requirements.

To find out more about the history of this type of insulation, you might be interested in reading the full article on our blog here for more information on this topic.if you’re looking for a natural insulation that is efficient and easy to install why not try an insulation roll? With the wool layer on the outside and the foil laminate on the inside, these rolls are great space savers and can provide a high level of insulation.we offer both rigid and flexible insulation rolls manufactured in the uk through norbord. There are twenty four different materials available to buy online via timber merchant including ceramics, cellulose, sheeps wool and mineral wool insulation rolls.when developing your loft conversion or an extension, the insulation of your walls is extremely important.

Insulation rolls can provide an easy method of ensuring all areas are covered when it comes to being energy efficient.are you looking to improve the thermal efficiency of your premises? If so, insulation rolls may well be the ideal option for you. It can be as a fantastic addition to a loft conversion or soundproofing project.


Multifoils have been on the market for a while and are known by a variety of names; such as: secondary foil, high performance foil or h2foil. They are used to create a vapour control layer (vcl) under the cladding of a building. The vcl is installed directly under the roof cladding and acts as a vapour barrier as well as an air barrier. It is bonded directly to the structure using adhesive, nails or staples and so prevents moisture from entering the structure of the building.

Multifoils are used with all types of insulation as it adds an extra layer of protection against heat loss in addition to the insulation properties.multifoil insulation consists of a foam sheet with aluminium foil bonded to one side and an expanded polystyrene honeycomb bonded to the other side. Multifoils is made up of two layers each with its own unique properties - the outer polystyrene board is used as an air and vapour control while the inner layer of foil is typically made from recycled aluminium which provides excellent thermal performance. Multifoil insulation works well in wet or humid conditions because it does not allow moisture through its honeycomb structure.multifoils are the most energy efficient type of insulation. They consist of an outer layer of polyurethane foil which is then sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene. The properties of multifoils are multifaceted including its ability to prevent damp from building up as well as allowing for a more breathable ventilation system.

This allows you to reduce the risk of condensation building up and causing mould to grow inside your home.ideally, a multifoil should be placed between the roof space and the loft insulation. This ensures that when it rains, any moisture will fall right down through the attic. However, with fitting a new roof, or indeed if your loft space has already been insulated, this method is not always practical and you can fit your multifoil directly to existing insulation.there are a few reasons why i´m obsessed with multifoils. One is that they are the most energy effective form of insulation. They also increase the useful lifetime of the roof (and thus have greater return on investment).multifoils are the most energy efficient type of insulation and have a multiple useful properties such as vapour control - which prevents damp from building up and allows for a more breathable ventilation.

Building Regulations, Standards And U-Values

Building regulations and standards, (en 806, en 13445 etc), along with u-values are really confusing.

This is due to the fact that the u-value is expressed in w/m2k.

This unit of measure simplifies the way of being able to compare products from different suppliers/manufacturers - this in turn makes it easier for individual looking to purchase insulation or a new build home to choose correctly.


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